Passionate about inspiring others

Eddie van dongen

As a person

I have always been moved by the fact that a person can inspire another person with something. With something I mean, a story, an act, it can literally be anything. I have been moved many times by people from all over the world. They were not only drummers, but people from all kinds of backgrounds. This is what amazes me, if you are open to the world, open to meet new people without judgement, you can and will be inspired. I found out that I am passionate about inspiring others with what I do.

As a drummer

Over the years as a drummer I have been inspired by many different drummers with different backgrounds. With their playing and stories they inspired me to be myself, to find myself as a drummer. For me that was to combine technique and music in one study. This is an everlasting journey, because in my opinion you will never stop learning and developing your skills. The last few years I have been working on my skills and I found some amazing ways to combine technique and music in one method. It inspires me when I work according to this method and I am ready to share it with the world!

The method and its history

'Making music with the paradiddle' is a method which combines technique with music. I have been dedicating my drumming to this goal the last 10 years. In my opinion technique and music go hand in hand, instead of them being two separate things.

When I started drumming at age 15 I immideately fell in love with paradiddles and practicing them on my practicepad and drumset. I could play excercises for hours only with the paradiddle. But once I started to grow older and started studying at the conservatory of Rotterdam I realized something. ‘Its not all about technique...’ 

I knew I had to find bands to play in and start playing more music. Playing songs and grow as a musician, not as a drummer only. I wanted to grow as a musician and drummer at the same time, still being able to practice my technique but also my musicality. 

And so it began, I started working with different musicians every other month and quickly realized that when I was playing music the paradiddle would come out. But not as technique excersices, only on the snare. No, I used it over the whole kit and play it in a musical way. Without realizing what I was doing I just kept on play- ing and playing. Playing different styles of music and playing with different musicians as much as I could. I started to grow as a musi- cian and after a while I found out that I would always use the same kind of tricks, or how I like to call them: tools. 

This book is about those tools. The tools to make music with your technique, in this case particularly with the paradiddle. Enjoy ! 

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